About lahOre&mOre

This blog is mostly about my city Lahore, its history, architecture, people, religions, culture, traditions, festivals, saints, heritage, languages,food and a lot more.
This blog will also highlight many things other than Lahore, just like the name says
lahOre&mOre is all about Lahore and a lot more


3 thoughts on “About lahOre&mOre

  1. Hi, I am really fascinated by your insight into the historical and architecture of Old Lahore. I wish we could somehow have our heritage. You are doing a good job by bringing to light the old historical buildings. I just finished reading your article in Lahorenama about Temple Road.

    I spent all my life in Lahore visiting the lahore fort almost every week. Fariq khana is an amazing place too. The whole atmosphere of the walled city amazing. Sine I was interesting in music I use to visit heera Mandi to get my Tabla fixed. That is a very a special place for me. Every small child know a thing or two about Sur and Taal. The whole music culture is falling apart at that place.
    Zafar Rahmani

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  2. Very nice to see this. I have spent many exciting years of my life in Lahore, though have not been there for long time now.

    Please keep up your good work and always stay in high spirits like they say in Punjabi
    چڑھدی کلا وچ رہنا


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