About Me

“I am an Architect and a Researcher by profession passionate about history, historical places, religions, people and their life styles. My main interest is to research on how different locations, cultures and traditions create diverse architectural styles and how changing times help in evolving new language of architecture”.



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mariaa. I came across your blog through my twitter page…and am glad this happened 🙂 Happy to find common interests here in heritage, architecture and esp the intermingling of cultures and architectural styles. Though am not a professional at it but I like to observe evolution. Loved your photography work and also the style of presentation. Maybe you’ve already tried this, but just wanted to mention that you can also try plotting your observations/locations onto a map (eg Google My Maps) ..this often reveals certain ‘trends’ which might help you with your research further. I would also like to share with you my YouTube channel where I have showcased hundreds of heritage sites from India (primarily North so far) with detailed heritage-walk episodes featuring a lot of information about historical sites, shrines and natural features. There’s some street-food as well up there 🙂 I have some online friends from Pakistan who regularly visit these videos and after my interactions with them I am very keen to visit the place and explore the places, people and cultures there!! Got a glimpse of the country and the people in BBC’s Himalayas (DVD series) and really loved it! By the way, I have also plotted my Youtube videos onto MyMaps and it revealed to me how certain places are associated with geographical features and locations (e.g. Sufi shrines along the river course) . I thought you might find this content interesting and useful for your purposes. Please feel free to visit my site/blog and explore the content there. Nice to meet you here and I look forward to your posts ahead 🙂 Blessings for you and for those who make you smile 🙂 Cheers!


  2. God your blogs are so intresting…
    I always had been a great fan of lahore and its history.. keep posting more… really love your blogs!! Keep it up!!


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