“Walk in the Sost Bazaar”, Dry Port, Pak China Border

Sust/Sost is the last village of Gojal,upper Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan and also the last town of Pakistan before Khanjraab Pass (Pak China Border). It also acts as dry port and an important place on the highway for all passenger and cargo transport because all traffic crossing the Pakistan-China border passes through this town.

Sost Bazaar is a small bazaar built on the sides of the main Highway from which Pakistani and Chinese cargo trucks are on a constant move in between both countries.

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When we enter Sost first we come across the truck stand/ adda where beautifully decorated trucks from all over Pakistan can be seen, who have either delivered the cargo at the port or waiting for the cargo to be taken to the cities of Pakistan.

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Welders of Sost who look more like Hollywood actors

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Tea Stall of Zamurd Shah

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Meat Shops (Chicken and Yak)

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IMG_4611 - Copy


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IMG_4583 - Copy


Small Restaurant selling local dish called “chapshuru” stuffed with yak meat.

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IMG_4569 - Copy


IMG_4567 - Copy


Vegetable Shops

IMG_4573 - Copy



Sign Board on shops are in English and Chinese


Cargo Trucks on the go


IMG_4554 - Copy

IMG_4538 - Copy



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