Egypt or Lahore

These days there is a new development in the architecture of Lahore. Suddenly many new buildings in Lahore are taking Egyptian forms. It’s not an inspiration it’s an embarrassing and shameful copies of ancient Egyptian architecture.
In a city like Lahore where there are two old institutes which teach architecture including University of Engineering and Technology and National College of Arts which is known for its creativeness. Both these institutes produce 50 architects each every year. And there are also many other new universities who have started giving BArch degrees and still when we see such pathetic imagery in a city like Lahore which is known for its heritage and gradual transformation of architecture through changing times from pre Mughal to Mughal to Sikh and British rule. And then even after having such amazing institutes of architecture when one sees such kind of shameful copies, those who love art and love Lahore, it makes their heart cry and head bough down in shame.

images below are of Al Nakhl restaurant Lahore located near Lawrence road

Al Nakhal restaurant on road between Lawrence road and Shadman Chowk

IMG_1634       IMG_1643

IMG_1640  IMG_1637
I am sorry to mention Malik Riaz’s name who is known for his wealth and development projects in Lahore and Pakistan and who claims that he will make Pakistan the new Dubai or New york is the one who is the pioneer of such kind of practices of copy pasting in architecture and it’s even more strange that he cannot hire architects who should create something new which is good for the city, pleasant to the eyes and helps in restoring the vanishing history of Lahore by using elements from the wide range of history that Lahore has. Instead we see huge cats and columns and sphinxes and lions from Trafalgar square all out of proportions giving an absurd look which is not at all pleasant to see in a city like Lahore with deep roots of history and heritage. And after seeing him doing all this many people have started copy pasting these elements on their buildings.

images below most of them are taken from internet

bt   images

14243368221_0522e7ca4f_b  365836-0_365836_l

98365521_1_1000x700_plot-in-takbeer-block-sector-b-bahria-town-lahore-for-house-building-lahore Is Pakistan's largest Architecture & Construction Database Online!

Bahria town Rawalpindi
Bahria town Rawalpindi
a shop in Gujrat image courtesy Malik Omaid
a shop in Gujrat
image courtesy Malik Omaid
Gujrat, image courtesy Malik Omaid
Gujrat, image courtesy Malik Omaid

Lahore is a city which is extremely fertile. Almost all kind of plants grow here especially shady trees take just four years to grow in full length. Still planting of date trees in Bahria town projects is beyond my understanding as an architect. And again because these trees were planted there, the so called educated planners of the city start planting palm trees all over Lahore. This whole situation is quite frustrating. But this is not my point of focus

house_for_rent_in_bahria_town_jasmine_block_2690114432771807627  96450651_1_1000x700_1-kanal-plot-in-nishtar-block-sector-e-bahria-town-lahore-near-park-lahore_rev001
What amazes me is where are all the professional architects who study hard for 5 years going through rigorous assignments throughout their academic years in order to polish them and make them into great architects who will in turn bring better changes to the development of their city or country are all sleeping or following the instructions of their clients and not telling them what is good for the city.
I hope we wake up soon before one day we open our eyes and find ourselves in a miniature version of fiber glass Egypt or Greece or some other tourist country and it’s too late till then.


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