Walk from Bhati Gate to Fakir Khana Museum, Walled City,Lahore. June 2015


Access to the old Lahore city is gained by the thirteen gateways. Bhati gate is one of the 13 gates of Walled City Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located on the western wall of the old city.
Bhati gate is named after the Bhatis, an ancient raj-put tribe who inhabited these quarters in old times.

The structure of Bhati Gate was built by the British to replace earlier gate.

When we arrive at Bhati gate on the right side outside the gate we see a tea stall/chai ka dhaba,  sugar cane juice/gannay ka juice wala and boot polish wala. A drainage line(ganda nala) is also flowing outside the gate covered at the entrance but open on the left and right side which does not give a very pleasant feel while entering Bhati Gate area.

tea stall/chai ka dhaba
tea stall/chai ka dhaba

IMG_1439   IMG_1436

boot polish wala


sugar canes for juice
sugar canes for juice

When we enter the gate the first thing we encounter is the traditional hukka maker shops. Where hukkas are made in the traditional style.

hukka maker
hukka maker


     IMG_1431                          IMG_1429

view from inside bhati gate
view from inside bhati gate

When we move further in the streets there are mostly food vendors on the ground floor and houses on the first floor and above, but we also come across some beautiful Havelis which i will document in detail in my future blogs. Food vendors are busy selling halwa puris which is a traditional lahori breakfast. We also come across dahi bhallay walas, lassi makers who sell fresh milk and yogurt. Butchers are busy selling meat with siris and payes(head and feet of goat)also for the famous lahori dish siri paye.There are shops of tandoor makers. Tandoors are used for making  roti and naan.

Siris at butcher’s shop
kachori wala
kachori wala


lassi and yogurt shop
tandoor makers
tandoor makers
domestic animals tied outside the houses

Inside of Bhati Gate there are many Havelis with beautiful wooden balconies, intricately designed doors and architectural details.

IMG_1467   IMG_1465

IMG_1473    IMG_1457

entrance to a haveli
entrance to a Haveli
built in 1907

This is just a small and brief photo journey from Bhati Gate to Fakir Khana Museum.This museum is also a haveli owned by Fakir Aijazzudin.

entrance to fakir khana museum
entrance to fakir khana museum


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