Jadoo Ghar/ Masonic Hall, Lodge Road, Lahore


Hope and Perseverance was the name of the Lodge number 1084. The lodge was built in 1859 on Lodge Road Lahore. It was damaged in the severe earth quake on 4th April 1905. It was repaired and some additions were made to it and the grand district lodge met again in the reconstructed temple on 7th April 1906. It continued serving as a lodge till 1917 when a new Lodge was constructed on Charing Cross, Mall rd Lahore.

IMG_1706 (2) copyIMG_1721 (2) copy

The old lodge was sold to the Punjab government and was converted to Lady Maclagan’s Government High School for Girls in 1920s.

side elevation

From Rudyard Kipling novel we learn that Kim son of a farmer sergeant of an Irish regiment received from his father three documents or certificates “on one account was Kim to part with them, for they belonged to a greater piece of magic – such magic as men practiced over yonder behind the museum, in the big blue and white Jadoo Ghar/ the Magic House as we name the masonic lodge”.

photographs of original building inside the hall


5-6 years ago Pakistani free masons sent a handsome amount to renovate the building. The building was renovated but all the old symbols were removed like the Star of David and compass on the facade and the checkered floor of the main hall was also changed. The roof was in two levels before with wooden girders. Now it’s a single level pain roof with steel girders. Masonic hall was embossed on the elevation before now it’s only written in blue paint.

The building is simple with an entrance hall and then the main prayer hall with side rooms.

Two very old trees are also still surviving.

Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall
main hall from podium with steel girders after renovation
main hall from podium with steel girders after renovation
main hall from entrance door.
main hall from entrance door.
column detail
column detail
entrance door
entrance door
entrance door detail
entrance door detail
very old tree
old date palm tree
front elevation now
front elevation

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